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Sheldon Brown: S*O_Cal

Sheldon Brown (San Diego, CRCA (Center for Research & Computing in the Arts)) Faculty

UCSD/CRCA invited two international artists/curators to take part in developing a program of activities within the Silent*Observers project. This major international media art project was initiated by Zeljko Blace (Multimedia Institute, CROATIA) and Natalie Jeremijenko (UCSD and CRCA) and was developed through a partnership with CRCA researchers and CRCA staff member, Carol Hobson. Their project culminated in an exhibit in Croatia in 2005. UCSD and CRCA were the hosts for further development of this work during September and October 2006, and supported the curators/artists Zeljko Blace and Honor Harger in developing the Silent*Observers workshops, exhibitions and symposium at UCSD.

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