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  1. About

    In 2011, the University of California Institute for Research in the Arts (UCIRA), oversaw the participation of all University of California campuses with degree-granting programs in the arts in the Strategic National Arts Alumni Project (SNAAP) survey. The UC SnaapShot you are viewing presents an in-depth look at questions such as: How satisfied are arts alumni with their education? How many have gone on to pursue graduate degrees? Where have arts graduates found employment, and how much do they earn?

    Approximately 96% of the students entering the University of California come from in-state and approximately 75% of them stay in California post-graduation. This work represents the first time data about the educational pipeline, college experience and career paths of arts alumni in California have been studied and publicly presented. Below are highlights of their responses. The following slides provide a deeper view.

    About UCIRA: The University of California Institute for Research in the Arts is a statewide program dedicated to supporting and promoting arts practice and research across the University of California system. Through our grants program we offer support for individual and collaborative projects in all disciplines.

  2. Dashboard


    UC SnaapShot provides a defined view of UC arts alumni from the SNAAP survey on issues relating to their career paths. Below are highlights of their responses. The following slides provide a deeper view.

    4,918arts alumni completed the survey


    69%continue to practice art separate from work


    10%said student loan debt had a major impact on career/education choices


    74% have been self-employed at some point in their career


    59%of respondents pursued a graduate degree


    71%reported artistic technique as being important to their work

    SKILLS »

    24%of those who have never been professional artists said higher pay or steadier income in other fields was a reason

  3. Arts Majors

    Arts Majors

    You are looking at the breakdown of UC respondents by major. Rollover the colored circles for more specific information.

    A breakdown of participants* by arts disciplines
  4. Skills


    This chart represents a range of skills/competencies being reported as important in professional or work life by UC respondents. Rollover each bar or the legends to view additional information.

    Professional skills/competencies provided by an arts education*

    Sort by Career Path

    • Currently a Professional Artist
    • Previously a Professional Artist
    • Never a Professional Artist
    • Overall Participants
    • Show All Data

    Sort by Campus

    • Berkeley
    • Davis
    • Irvine
    • Los Angeles
    • Riverside
    • San Diego
    • Santa Barbara
    • Santa Cruz
  5. Locations


    You are looking at the locations of all arts graduates who responded to the national SNAAP survey consisting of over 65,000 respondents. Click on each circle for more information about the live/work climate for artists in each geographic area. Click to zoom in / zoom out.

    You are looking at survey respondents who attended each of the UC campuses. Click on each circle for more information.

  6. Degrees


    This chart represents the acquired degrees and credentials of all UC respondents. Rollover each circle for additional information.

    • Undergraduate Degrees / Credentials
    • Graduate Degrees / Credentials
  7. Occupations


    You are looking at the current occupation of all UC respondents within and outside the arts and average salaries. Rollover each circle for more information.

    • $15,000
    • $20,000
    • $25,000
    • $35,000
    • $45,000
    • $50,000
    • $55,000
    • $65,000
    • $70,000
    • $75,000
    • $80,000
    • $85,000
  8. Debt and Earnings

    Debt & Earnings

    This chart compares income versus debt for each UC education level. Rollover each degree to see additional information.

    • +
    • 70,000
    • 60,000
    • 50,000
    • 40,000
    • 30,000
    • 20,000
    • 0
    • 1-3,000
    • 4-6,000
    • 7-9,000
    • 10-14,000
    • 20-30,000
    • +
    • Income
    • Debt
  9. Testimonials

    My experience at UCLA was TRANSFORMATIVE. During my three years of graduate school, I developed a body of work that has been of interest to curators, gallerists, and collectors, which has allowed me to begin my career.
    — UCLA Alum, 2010

    I can directly connect the fact that I have managed to forge a FINANCIALLY VIABLE LIFE in the arts to my education in the MFA Directing Program at UCSD… It feels good that my children can look at me and their father (a Playwright) and know that you can indeed make a life in the arts. Thank you UCSD.
    — UCSD Alum, 1992

    66% of UC undergraduates and 78% of
    UC graduates continue to work as
    PROFESSIONAL ARTISTS in some capacity.

    UC Davis is potentially the only true multi-disciplinary theater design program in the country that not only prepares you for a career in the lucrative TV & Film industries, but additionally teaches you and prepares you for physical & devised theater. No other [University] to my knowledge has such a program so FOCUSED on these two disciplines. — UC Davis Alum, 2004

    I practice entertainment law, currently in the area of film finance. My arts training helped provide me with CRITICAL THINKING SKILLS, learning how to work collaboratively, and the importance of networking.
    — UCSB Alum, 1998

    93% of undergraduates and 90% of graduates reported a
    high level of SATISFACTION with their overall UC experience.

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