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Silvie Deutsch: Unmade

Silvie Deutsch (UC Irvine): $1,000 for Unmade. May Mini Grants

In Silvie Deutsch’s ongoing body of work, called Unmakings, she will be making stop-motion animation videos where she abstracts knitting’s inherent system by unraveling and reconfiguring threads, depicting a process of destroying and rebuilding. She proposing a live performance with a malleable projected knitted environment, manipulated by performers, centering around this concept of unmaking. The seven performers and the space will communicate: through cameras that record the dancers’ motion as an interface to the projections, the dancers themselves will have the agency in building a projected fabric that surrounds them, stitch by stitch, as well as the agency to destroy it. She will perform this work at UC Irvine’s Experimental Media Performance Lab (XMPL) in the Winter of 2014, with a weekend of performances Jan 10-12. She will be collaborating with seven UC Irvine student dancers and Choreographer Aaron Guerrero (UC Irvine, Art, MFA). Together they will work to build an hour and a half-long performance.

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