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Silvie Deutsch: Seven Stop-Motion Animations

Silvie Deutsch (UC Irvine): $5,000 for Seven Stop-Motion Animations. Graduate Arts Grant.

The artist proposes to create 7 stop-motion animation films that will have two different outcomes. In one, the animations will compose an immersive projection installation in the CAC Gallery at UC Irvine, An Inventory of Shimmers, and in the other, they will be overlaid into a narrative short film Elnora. The artist’s animations are accumulations and unmakings of found materials. The artist’s animations will expressionistically illustrate Elnora‚Äôs subtext.

photo details: A Different Engine. 2014. Installation: wood, paint, cotton twine, hardware, tape. Site Dimensions: 18 feet high x 44 feet wide x 68 feet long

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