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Sharon Daniel: Flood Tidings: distant early warnings

Sharon Daniel (UC Santa Cruz): $10,000 for Flood Tidings: distant early warnings. Emerging Fields

Flood Tidings is an interactive documentary and participatory community platform that tells the story of the isolated whaling community of Kivalina, Alaska and its struggle against the forces of environmental degradation, historical trauma, and cultural conflict. In Northwest Alaska sea levels are rising, permafrost is melting, and entire arctic villages are at risk of sinking into the sea. Kivalina, home to 400 Inupiaq people, faces imminent danger. They must relocate within the coming decade – the question is where, how and who will pay. In 2008 the village filed a lawsuit against twenty multinational energy corporations. The case, “Kivalina v. ExxonMobil.” seeking damages for the ongoing destruction of the village due to flooding and erosion caused by climate change. While they wait through years of appeals the community suffers the anxieties of looming disaster. Kivalina’s story is a Distant Early Warning sign representing the effects of climate change and environmental injustice.

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