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Sean Estelle & Natalie Rosen: P.A.C. #1

Sean Estelle & Natalie Rosen (UC San Diego): $1,000 for P.A.C. #1. Undergraduate Arts Grant

P.A.C. is a project to jumpstart a new undergraduate performance art community at UC San Diego. As creators working in diverse disciplines, the project directors seek to form an accessible space for performance production and a site for exhibition of works, especially works that do not currently have structural support on this campus. As performers and artists in already supported fields on this campus (e.g. the Theatre, Dance and Visual Arts Departments), Sean Estelle and Natalie Rosen recognize the need for student-created space and institutional support for thoughtful, mature works of art. This first iteration will include workshop critiques, archival materials, and a culminating show to increase visibility of undergraduate performance artists on this campus. The artists will formulate a working methodology that will be expanded on and presented to other communities, both within the academy and the greater sphere(s) of art production.

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