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REGISTRATION begins for the NanoLab SUMMER INSTITUTE for high school students!

When: July 21 – August 1, 2014

Imagine the “Impossible”

Sci|Art NanoLab
California NanoSystems Institute
570 Westwood Plaza Los Angeles, CA 90095

Creativity is the fundamental source of innovation in any endeavor. Unfortunately, current educational models generally focus on the development analytical skills at the expense of creative thought. Sponsored by UCLA’s Art|Sci Center, the Department of Design Media Arts (DMA) at UCLA and the California NanoSystems Institute (CNSI), the Sci|Art NanoLab is a highly competitive, 2-week summer program for high school juniors and seniors interested in collaborating with diverse and notable minds to challenge traditional, polarized perspectives of the arts and sciences.

Interdisciplinary at its core, nanoscience research requires fresh ways of thinking and new methodologies. The future of nanotechnology is determined not just by scientific knowledge, but also by the application of creative thought and imagination that go beyond a traditional reductionist approach. The advantage of an artistic approach to nanotechnology lies in its ability to address challenges from a more holistic and general view, to conceive of new ways to deal with complexity which, when combined with science, provide a powerful new direction for invention and creation.

During this intensive 2-week program, students will make connections between cutting edge scientific research, popular culture and contemporary arts. Through historical retrospective, surveys of current art-science collaborations as well as science fiction movie screenings, students will be exposed to the interface of science, art and culture with a focus on multi-disciplinary collaborations that explore the possibilities and implications of technological innovation. Lab visits, workshops, hands-on experiments, and meetings with world renowned scientists will be balanced with visits to museums, daily movie screenings and meetings with famous contemporary artists who collaborate with scientists.

You can also view the Sci | Art NanoLab website.

Due to the rigorous and intense nature of the program, the residential plan, which includes housing, a meal plan, a schedule of activities, and supervision, is mandatory for all students. By living together, students have the opportunity to get to know their classmates and counselors better, and are able to spend more time working on their projects. The residential plan also alleviates the safety and time concerns inherent in an urban commute. Students receive supervision by an exceptional staff of UCLA undergraduate students and full-time staff members.

This program is open to high school students that are graduating seniors or will be juniors and seniors in the fall. Admission to the program is by instructor consent. As part of the application process, applicants will be asked to submit a 500-word essay. View the essay topics for more information about the essay process. Although not required, we strongly encourage students to submit a Letter of Recommendation from a teacher or counselor. Recommenders may submit their comments via email. Please remember that even after you have been approved, official enrollment is on a first-come, first-served basis.


For more information please visit the UCLA Summer Sessions Website.

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