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R. JEFFREY LUSTIG–Corporate MisEducation and the Liberal Arts Response

Date of Event:
Tuesday, November 8, 2011 5:00pm – 6:30pm

Author Jeffrey Lustig (CSU Sacramento) will offer a seminar on his recent paper “Corporate MisEducation and the Liberal Arts Response” (2010). The paper, to be read in advance, is available for download at this link.

The American university is a battered figure on the public domain, half relic of the past, half orphan of the present, celebrated on the dais while denigrated in the boardroom, swamped by passing fads, starved by state legislatures and fated finally, it seems, to have its different pieces auctioned off to the highest bidder. If it also remains a special realm for the cultivation of the mind, the last self-governing community in the country and a critical public sphere, it maintains those other aspects against long and ever-mounting odds. Within a maelstrom of forces and pressures a master trend is apparent: the corporatization of the university. In order for this trend to be resisted and the older promise of the American university reclaimed, we need to understand how that trend became dominant, why the narrative seemed persuasive, and what the alternatives are for the American university. Offering an analysis ranging from Cicero and Clark Kerr to Novartis and British Petroleum, Lustig’s essay challenges faculty, in particular, to recreate their culture from within and to affirm the university itself as a school of publicness, a place where we learn what it means to be a public.


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