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Anastasia Hill: Psychonautica: Mind, Media, and Mysticism

Anastasia Hill (UCSB)

The subject of this project is ‘psychonautic media’: media forms and methods intended to expand consciousness and explore separate realities and altered states (sailing/navigating the mind/soul/spirit).  During this course, through a synthesis of readings from philosophy of mind, art history, media theory, cognitive science, and cultural studies, in-class experiments and screenings, and field trips to various sites of psychonautica, students from a wide range of disciplines will have the opportunity to investigate the interactions between mind and media, experience and representation, and language and transcendence, and the politics of inner-space travel in a laboratory-like context.

About the Artist: Anastasia received her B.F.A in Fine Art Media from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA.  Her film and video work focused primarily on narrative structure, deconstruction and re-contextualization of filmic conventions, and reflexivity.  She became interested in systems of perceived or accepted information, peripheral scientific theories, and diagrams and illustrations in relation to fallacy, corruption, and arbitrariness within the construction of knowledge.  She is currently in her first year of the PhD program and is concentrating on the philosophical and metaphysical undercurrents of narrativity and the relatedness to systems of fact and knowingness.  She hopes to continue making work balancing on the crux of theory and practice.

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