The University of California Institute for Research in the Arts supports embedded arts research through critical exchange


Gerald Casel: Stephan Petronio Company/Residency – Master Class, Open Rehearsal and Artist Talk
Kojiro Umezaki: Tabla Virtuoso, Sandeep Das, and Screening w/ Morgan Neville
Jennifer Frias and Tyler Stallings: Works by Joe Biel
Katherine Saltzman-Li: Four Artists from Japan: Transmission in Japanese Arts and Culture
Felice Blake: The Poetics of Struggle
Sue-Ellen Case: Performance for Camera: Double Happiness or Nothing
Gene Felice: Justice in a More-than-Human World
Irene Lusztig: New Maternalisms (Between Discourse and Affect), Symposium and Exhibition
Alice Wang: Dead-light
Ava Porter: Base
Larry Polansky: Mini-Festival of ASL Poetry/Performance
Christopher Pilafian: Costumes for Santa Barbara Dance Theater’s New Project, Chaotic Attractor
Mattia Ferroni: The Art of the Wig Maker
Irene Lusztig: the questions outnumber the answers
Elias Heller: UC Irvine Art History Undergraduate Association
Silvie Deutsch: Lines Grow Everywhere
Jennifer Bewerse: Sympathetic Magic: Exploring Novicehood as a Musical Resource
Refik Anadol: Ethereal Architecture as a Canvas / Light as a Material
Ramadimetse Shoba: Dear Pearl
Tanja Geis: Wildfjords Artist Residency (WFAR)
Andreas Leonardson: Scacciapensieri: The banisher of thought
Jane Mi: Transaqueous
Sam Mitchell: The All Tribes Dance Residency and Outreach Program
Hirsch Perlman: Art 170 – Special Topics: Further Afield Research
Lindsay Lindberg: VAPAE Afterschool Studio Sessions
Susan Ossman: From Art to Ethnography – Experiments in Collaborative Fieldwork / Course number – Anthropology 256
Risa Brainin: LAUNCH PAD – New Plays in Process, a pilot course
Yolande Snaith, Victoria Petrovich, and Ryan Welsh: Measuring the Dream
Elizabeth Stephens: Pollination
Eddo Stern: Vietnam Romance
Connie Samaras: Edge of Twilight (Manifestos)/Letters of James Tiptree Jr and Joanna Russ (Tip and Jo)
John Weber: “A Collective Museum” Artist Residency
Darryl Taylor: Recording 12 Solo Cantatas by Rosanna Scalfi Marcello
Josy Miller and Peter Lichentfels: ITDP in Edinburgh
Grant Kester: Field Journal
Nalo Hopkinson: A Graphic Novel-in-Progress
Michael Dresser and Mark Dessen: Changing Tides: Telematic Translocational Music
Jacqueline Murphy: Indigenous Choreographers Residency
Elizabeth Stephens: Kathelin Gray to the UCSC
Rebecca Mendez: Taryn Simon to the UCLA campus
Bryan Reynolds: Nabi Saleh
Jesse Drew: Stories of Solidarity
Camella DaEun Kim: One to One
Amy Alexander: “PIGS: Percussive Image Gestural System (Working Title)”
Yunhee Min: Red Carpet in C
Irene Lustig: Yours in Sisterhood
Miles Coolidge: Coal Seam redux/Od
ARC, Lauren Pearson: A Field Guide to Left Coast Socially Engaged Art
Lyle Massey: “The Fabricated American Desert: Modern and Anti-Modern”
Victoria Vesna: Art Sci Center Decade of Collaborations
Lisa Cartwright: The Tiny-Camera Histories Project: Feminist Sci-Art Re-Performance in the Archive and the Field
Jennifer Doyle: Perfect Futures Past: The Fantastical Histories of Nao Bustamante’s Soldadera
Ulysses Jenkins: Director
Joe Cantrell: Breath Engine
Tobin Chodos: Motlchodos at 2015 Musica Intuitiva Festival
Jose Figueroa: Color is an Additive Quality
David Gordan: OpenSpaces
Sylvan Oswald: Outtakes
Kurt Rohde: “[Lost] In The Woods: Video/Sound Documentation of Three-Gallery Installation Project”
Kelly Sky: Resilience
Steven Trimmer: New Branches: Researching Emerging Interfaces Between Computers and Plants
Kevin Zhang: small constant, many fluxes
Mary Tsang: “DIYSECT: Filming Biotinkering for the Web”
Shelby Graham: Co-Lab Curatorial Praxis
Kevin M. Kane: UCLA VAPAE Multigenerational Afterschool Arts (MASA) Program at UCLA Community School (UCS)
Jessica Perea: Revitalizing Native American Music and Dance Communities at UC Davis
Anita Chang: “Tongues of Heaven Interactive: A Transmedia Documentary and Website Project”
Elizabeth Conn-Hollyn: UC | Mexico
Silvie Deutsch: Seven Stop-Motion Animations
Leslie Dreyer: Reclaim Disrupt
Mattia Ferroni: Illustrations on How to Use the Knife, the Spoon, the Chopstick and the Fork (The Art of Eating at Table)
Hilary Goldberg: Our Future Ends
Alexander Johnston: Darkness Visible
Wes Modes: A Secret History of American River People
Sean Pace: CRAWLER
Tom Pazderka: The Everyday Altarpiece Project
Daniel Rudin: “Ecologies of Self-Representation: Promoting Rule of Law in the Filipino Workplace through Documentary and Social Media”
Suzanne Thorpe: “Arise: A Dynamic Musical Environment for Change”
Shelley Streeby and Ash Eliza Smith: Are We Alone?
Colin Zyskowski: Locating Sonic Sources
Bruce Yonemoto: Enka!
Renee Tajima-Pena: No Mas Bebes Por Vida Interactive
Aparna Sharma: When Women Weave
Sharon Daniel: Flood Tidings: distant early warnings
Hermione Spriggs and Curtis Tamm: Rene Malaise: into the eye of the trap
Regina Louise: Bearing Our Souls
Michael Morgan: The People’s Voice/The Odyssey Project
Helena Keeffe: Standard Deviation
Melinda Barnadas: Exquisite Corpse: Amorphophallus titanum
Marco Pinter: Fragmented Reality: Research at the Intersection of Sculpture, Media, Movement and Technology
Elizabeth Goetz: Mayan Seed Project
Angela Penaredondo: Investigating Kinetic Identity through Poetry
Michael Moshe Dahan: Suspended Truth
Regina Carli, Alexandra McKeon, Nia-Amina Minor, Katie Jo Turk: UCI Digital Dance Project
Andrea del Moral: Capay Valley Civic Theatre Forums
Heidi Kayser: Refashioning Ourselves
Kim Yasuda, Gerard Minakawa, Brandon Nills: OutThere
Jess Rowland: Printable Audio Speakers for Sounds Art Installation
Isabel Theselius: Still life / Wide Open Studios MFA Spring break trip
Laurel Tentindo: Dance, Music and Puppetry at the Fowler Out Loud Performance Series
Rochele Gomez: Making Jewelry
Sahar Khoury: Tempo Libre/Down Time
Rebecca Lord: Staging Mendelssohn’s Elijah
Dusadee Huntrakul: Free Rock-Like Objects for People
Curtis Tamm: Stalking Oneself (SOS)
Natalie McKeever: Purr Suit
Silvie Deutsch: Unmade
Jack Chapman: Bread or Blood, a Petition in Boots
Guy Zimmerman: The Hive Project
Jamilah Sabur: Sanctum
Tae Hwang and Melinda Barnadas: Migration
Susan Laxton: Confessions* of a Male Chauvinist Pig
Cassie Riger: 3-2-1 CONTACT
D. Inés Casillas: The Political Poster Strikes Back: The Graphic Arts of Favianna Rodriguez
Lucy Burns: Making Theater for Asian Americans in Los Angeles: A Play Reading and a Panel Discussion
SanSan Kwan: Chinese Contemporary Dance: An Introduction to Two Emerging Artists
Tanya Merchant: Gender, Nationalism, and the Music of the Silk Road: Workshops and Performances with Malika Ziyaeva
David Gere: PCI-Media Impact’s “Soap Operas for Social Change”
Bert Winther-Tamaki: Keynote lecture by artist Okazaki Kenjiro
Anuradha Vikram: Damaso Reyes: The Europeans
Heather Rastovac: UC Berkeley Residency featuring Amir Baradaran
Mira Kingsley: Moradokmai Theater Troupe
William Andrew Atwood: The Berkeley Box
Cole Cohen: Platform Digest
Elan Greenwald: All My Favorite Artists
Sakina Ibrahim: LEAP Civic Engagement Project: Empowering and Educating Through the Arts
Han Na Jang: Choral Conducting Recital Ensemble featuring Student Composers
Alex Melhuish: Flatlands
Caroline Miller: SpringFest 2014: Sound Pilgrimage
Alexandra Riggs: Handle With Care
Amy Sanchez: The Measure of All Things
Angie Shen: Honors Thesis / CCS Senior Show
Ash Eliza Smith: Edgeland Futurism: Speculative Fiction and Transmission from the Edge
Tomas Moreno: DumbSun
Philip Acimovic: Lake Tahoe Sonification Project
Harris Kornstein: Bus Stop Wifi Documentary
Carolyn Chen: Hoods: a chamber opera about women, wolves, and war
Elliot Anderson: Pedagogy of the Ear: Sound and Social Practice
Katrin Pesch: Finding Things I Don’t Want to Find
Arlene Keizer: A Passionate Witness: Becoming an African American Juror in the Age of Obama
Cheng-Chieh Yu: Leaning on a Horse Asking for Directions
Christina McMahon: Gender, Creative Dissidence, and the Discourses of the African Diaspora: A Theatrical and Scholarly Exploration of the work of Ama Ata Aidoo
Kimberly Jannarone: Peer Gynt in a Digital Age (The Gynt Project)
Rickerby Hinds: Dreamscape
Kiki Niebuhr: Sensual + Wholesome Disgust: A Collection of Performance and New Media Works 

Tim Ridlen: The Artist’s PhD Field Library
Erin Johnson & Amanda Eicher: Tactical Aesthetics and Activism
Jennifer Parker: Art and Public Space in the Tenderloin/ Central Market
Lisa Kotz & Charles Curtis: Imaginary Landscapes: Researching Experimental Music in California
Robert Kett & Anna Kryczka: Learning by Doing: Embodied/ Material Encounters at the Farm
Eric Parren: Nano Film
Jaime Forero-Romero: Fluid Skies. An experiment on growing instabilities
Salvador Munoz: Steamrolled
Eliza Slavet: Experience Art!
Shelby Graham: Beyond the Gallery: Artist as Collaborative Agents for Community Change
Andrew deWaard: The Cultural Capital Project: Radical Monetization of the Music Industry
Michael Morgan: The Odyssey Project
Michael Trigilio, Tara Knight, Adam Burgasse: Project Planetaria
Lisa Wymore: Anna Halprin: Parades and Changes
Sudhu Tewari: Dynamic Mechatronics for Artists
Jeff Treviño: Introduction to the Abjad API for Formalized
Gina Su: Art for Social Change
Keith McCleary: ComiCraft
Mollie Morrow: Sonorous Schema
Heidi Melissa Gonzalez: On The Wall
Sean Estelle & Natalie Rosen: P.A.C. #1
Greg Laughlin, Ted Warburton, Karlton Hester: Three Bodies
Barbara Drucker: Classroom-in-Residence at the Hammer (CIR@H)
Gene A. Felice II: Dioluminescent Organisms
Anastasia Yumeko Hill: The Coyote Project
Elaine Gan: Mapping Rice Temporalities
Eve Elizabeth Warnock: Feast and Flight
Bridget Beck: Will Be
David Rousseve: Stardust
Lawrence Bogad: Possible Pasts: Tahrir Square
Xárene Eskandar: Salton Sea Revisited
Nicole Paiement: Ainadamar Opera Rehearsal Space Rental
Monica Rodero and Dan Schuchart: Cathedral City
Kellie Lanham: Involuntary Memories, A Graduate Curated Exhibition
Yiheng Yvonne Wu: Four Poems of Li-Young Lee
David Shorter: Cutting the Cord: Death Among the Yaqui (A Documentary)
Seako Igarashi: Merman and Fish
Katharina Rosenberger: Viva Voce
Christopher Pilafian: A Leap of Faith
Stephanie LeMenager: flowTOPIA: How’s Your Water Relationship?
Hermione Spriggs & Sam Kronick: Slab City
Eliza Slavet: Something from Nothing: Audacious Speculations in Art, Science, and Entrepreneurialism
David Lee: The M.U.S.I.C Club
Isaac Garcia-Munoz: Analog Audio Circus
Renny Pritikin: Sixteen Birds: Installation by Chico MacMurtrie
Kelsey Brannan: SOUNDING OUT
John Jota Leanos: Frontera! Animated Histories of the Southwest Borderlands
Rickerby Hinds: BUCKWORLD
Sharon Daniel: Golden Rule
Patrick Anderson: Art Inclusion: Disability, Design, Curation
Dee Hibbert Jones: Living Condition
David Familian: Black Box Projects
Shannon Jackson: Art+Neighborhood
Teddy Cruz: Political Equator III
Experimental Game Design: Heather Logas
Richard Ross: Pulse
Lisa Wymore & Amara Tabor-Smith: Sabar in the Studio
Adam Tinkle: The Universal Language Orchestra of Spring Valley, CA
Shannon Jackson: Art+Time
Brennan Gerard & Ryan Kelly: Work and Play: How the Art World Performs
Helen Trejo: Zero Waste Constructed Fashions
David White, Jessica Sledge, & Stephanie Lie: There Goes the Neighborhood
Desiree D’Alessandro: Spectatorship in Art and Athleticism: The Form and Physicality of Boxing
Tyler Stallings: Free Enterprise: The Art of Citizen Space Exploration
Meredith Drum: Fishing: A Playable Possible Future
Joseph Dumit: Expressing the CAVES: Art & Science in 3D Immersive Dialogue
David Gere: Taking Action: Arts Practice and Community Change
Laurel Beckman: Student Based Creative Exchange
Meghan Hynson: Facilitating Interdisciplinary Learning with World Music
Anthony Barbir, Kristin Killacky, & Reyanna Vance: WACsmash!
Lauren Pickens: WORD: Isla Vista Arts and Culture Magazine
Norah Mutuma: African Culture Show
Cole Akers & Catherine Liu: Learning from Irvine or the Laboratory of the Ordinary
Scot Tooby: Flesh
Diana Cervera + Bryant Pena: The Art Collective
Anastasia Hill: Psychonautica: Mind, Media, and Mysticism
Jesikah Maria Ross: Restore/Restory: Reclaiming Nature & Culture Through Transgenre New Media Publications
Holley Moyes: Raising the Sky in 2012 : An Intel’disciplinary Program
Nina Eidsheim: Body Music
Mira Kingsley: Discourse in Action: A Methodology for Embodied Research
Simon Leung: ACTIONS!
Shahrokh Yadegari: Scarlet Stone
Michael Desser, Mark Dresser, Victoria Petrovich, John Crawford: Experimental Telematic Performance Research
Lisa Parks & Nicole Starosielski: Signal Traffic: Art, Infrastructure, and Geography
Lisa Jevbratt: The Interspecies Project
Kenneth Rogers: Off Peak: Remediating Baldwin Hills
Cauleen Smith: ECLIPSE
Jeremy Fisher: UC Studio: an Interdisciplinary Research Proposal for an Active Design/Build Studio
Andres Burbano: New Dunites
Sara Daleiden: Urban Rangers
Crystal Campbell: Twenty-Eight People You Might Meet in February
Tim Schwartz: America’s Time Capsule
Beth Wynstra: Nuestra Voz
Lauren Pickens: WORD: Isla Vista Arts and Culture Magazine
Simon Penny: Phatus
Wu Ingrid Tsang, Michelle Dizon, Camilo Ontiveros, & Nicolau Vergueiro: Imprenta
G. Craig Hobbs & Ian Pye: kwpe/
Annie Loui: Blue Light
Sharon Daniel: Capitalist Punishment
Elle Mehrmand & Micha Cardenas: mixed relations
Tyler Stallings: Mapping the Mojave
Kyong Park: New Silk Road
Brenda Varda: Liquid
Krystal Hauseur & Vanessa Schulman: Octopus: A Visual Studies Journal, Volume 4: Surface
Kael Greco, Christopher Head, & Benjamin Lotan: Becoming Dragon – Stage 1
Catherine Cole: Pauline Malefane, opera star of the South African film “U-Carmen eKhayelitsha”
Jennifer Parker & Barney Haynes: Sonic Sense
Michael Sakamoto: Killing the Buddha: An East/West Exploration of Mind, Body, and Media
Alexis Vergalla & Molly Gross: CRATE: A Journal of Literary Borders and Boundaries
Connie Samaras: After the American Century
Nicole Starosielski: GreenScreen Environmental Media Program
Julie Wyman: Strong!
Arianne Hoffman: An Earful of Dance
George Legrady: OBSERVE
Lesha Rodriguez: Social Documentary: Challenging Yourself and others
Lailye Weidman: The Intersection Project
Edmund Campion: New Tools for Music Composition: A Collaborative Demonstration Project for Installation,Presentation and Training of the Sample Orchestrator System
Jorge Omar Pimienta: Our Lady of Libertad
Sharon Daniel: Blood Sugar
Teddy Cruz, Grant Kester, & Jennifer Flores Sternad: TRANSITOry PUBLICO | PUBLIC TRANSITorio and The Political Equator II
Ken Goldberg, Shannon Jackson, Michele Rabkin, & Anne Walsh: “Continuous City” Project
Simon Leung: POE
Lynn Dally: Women In Tap
Sara Wookey: Walking LA
Robert Ochsner: Write-Look-Listen: New Directions in Participatory Literary Culture
Tyler Stallings & Jonathan Green: Compass 2007: New Art from the University of California’s MFA Programs
Kate Dollenmayer: Walking From Munich to Berlin
Jenifer Wofford & Lucy Mae San Pablo Burns: Galleon Trade
Gabriela Rodriquez: Sesnon Art Walk
Pinar Istek: Project Maquiladora
Connie Samaras: Vast Active Living Intelligence System Photographing the South Pole
Ryan Burkhard: IV Bakery Documentary
Levi Goldman: Bridge
Mollye Chudacoff: The Death of Coney Island: A Photo Documentary
Tom Terrell: Live the Slow Life: An Event for a Starving Fast Food Nation
Candice Cross & Rachael Pace: Transcendence Art Theater
E.G. Crichton & Dee Hibbert Jones: Politics of Public Space/Gestures of Subversion
Jennifer Lynne Musto: Improvising Survival: Collected Recollections of Human Trafficking
Dan Froot: Who’s Hungry?
Elizabeth Stephens: Green Wedding Four
Micha Cardenas: Collective Art Practice – Performative and Networked Approaches to Challenging Power
ShiPu Wang: The Effecting Eye: ARTS 141 History and Practice of Photography
Rickerby Hinds: CALIFEST Hip-Hop Theatre Festival
Shannon Jackson: The Richmond/Berkeley Project.
Matthias Geiger: Uncanny ‘07
Derek Lomas: Situated Social Architectures
David Gere & Marla Berns: Make Art/Stop AIDS
Louis Hock: The Mexican Tapes: the Second Generation (working title)
JoAnn Morin Kuchera, George Legrady & Marko Peljhan: Interdisciplinary Digital Media Arts Exhibition, ACM
Renny Pritikin: Representation and War
Brett Stalbaum: GPS Expo at CLUI Wendover
Lisa Tucker: Food Forever
Hana Van der Kolk: Adaptations
Lisa Wymore: The Resonance Project
John Welchman: SoCCAS Projects 2006-2007
Shannon Spanhake: LV/UC Residency Program
Nicole Paiement: Young Caesar: New Directions in Contemporary Opera
Sheldon Brown: S*O_Cal
Sarah Ross: Terms and Conditions
Mark Oliver: Buggy Life
Steven Lam: Supersonic Event
Antoinette LaFarge: Demotic
Dan Ho: The Art of Exhibition
Lynn Hershman: DiNA The People’s Choice
Kathy Foley: The Flaming Womb: Ken Arok Performance Project and Cosmology and Character Type in Southeast Asia Exhibit
Rachel Egenhoefer: How I Fell in Love with Binary Numbers
Steven Criqui: Untitled
Jordan Crandall : WAVE: an interdisciplinary journal of cultural issues
Eileen Myles: Workshop Productions of Hell
Melissa Day: Painting the Golden Gate Bridge
Hi Kim: New and Traditional Pacific Rim Music Festival
Carlos Morton: Teatro as a Tool for Teaching
Laurie San Martin: Bodies in Motion
Momilani Ramstrum: Double Bass, Technology, and Animation – A Community Concert by Director BertTuretzky
Sara Takahashi: Meet You More Than Half Way
Nina Eidsheim: Powering Up/Powering Down
Mesut Ozgen: New Dimensions in Classical Guitar A multimedia Presentation of New Guitar Music
Dancing in Digital Space: A Norah Shaw: Creative Residency in the UCLA Visualization Portal
Nathaniel Clark: Brainstorm Cluster
Bruce Yonemoto: North South – East West
Shawn Womack: From Here
Hoang Nguyen: The Resurrection of Brandon Lee
Fred Lonidier: NAFTA Returns to Tijuana
Amy Harrison: Best Case Scenario
Della Davidson: …the desire to return to the safety of Day
Catherine Cole: Five Foot Feet – National Tour
Ellen Rose: Viola Fest Companion Book
Jorge Liderman: Chamber Concerto For Guitar, Bass Clarinet, and String Trio
Karlton Hester: Concert of Innovative Global African Music
Celia Weiss: Konbit and JAKA: Choreographing Power in Haitian Roots Movement
Ulysses Jenkins: Notions of Freedom: Obscurity
Fatima Rony: Convert Me
Jenny Donovan: CalTranzit
Shahrokh Yadegari: A Window
Rita Gonzalez: Teatro Millón
Ruben Ochoa: Class: C
Celine Parrenas Shimizu: The Fact of Asian Women
Cheng-Chieh Yu: Love Potions
The Iliad Project
Elizabeth Stephens: Wish You Were Here
Tone O. Nielsen: Democracy When? Activist Strategizing in Los Angeles
Antoinette LaFarge, Annie Loui, & James Fallon: Reading Frankenstein
Kayo Hatta: A Fishbowl and Some Dimes Film Project
Louis Hock: Open Frames
Renee T. Coulombe: New Media/New Work
Sharon Daniel: Need_X_Change
John T. Caldwell: Rancho California (por favor)
Ellen K. Anderson: Ayo’s Journey
Aya Seko: Club Hera
Esther Marian Baker: Generation Boul Fale
Jessica Irish: Cross-Secting Los Angeles: Active Mapping
Catherine Cole: Extra/ordinary Bodies: Dance Beyond Disability
Kevin Kane: Theater Workshop Summer Pilot Project
Adriano Shaplin: The Cult of Weakness and Testimony
David Wessel: Strike Zone
Lewis Watts: Evidence: Making the Hidden Visible