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Panel Discussion for “Year of Rebellion” this Wednesday 11/6, 6:30PM at UCSB

Please join us for:

YEAR OF REBELLION: The 1970 Isla Vista Riots
Panel Discussion

When: Wednesday, November 6, 2013 at 6:30pm
Location: The Old Little Theater, College of Creative Studies building 494, UC Santa Barbara

This panel will discuss the turbulent year of 1970 at UCSB and in Isla Vista with participants who experienced the riots first hand as: students; involved community members; and UCSB staff and faculty.

Panel participants include:

Mick Kronman was a student at UCSB during the time. He was arrested the day before the bank burned, during a confrontation between protesters and County Sheriffs. He spent several months in jail on the charge of assaulting a peace officer before he was released and went on to complete his BA in political science. After careers in journalism and commercial fishing, Mick has served as Harbor Operations Manager for the City of Santa Barbara for the past 13 years.

Dr. Yonie Harris came to UCSB and Isla Vista in the early 70s. She became a community leader, working on the IV governmental project, and then serving as executive director of the iv Youth Project, helped found the IV Food Co-op, was an elected member of the IV Community Council, among her many community engagements. In the 80s she became a graduate student in anthropology and earned her doctorate. She served as a UCSB administrator for many years and was dean of students from 2003-2013. In that role, she was the key administrative liaison with Isla Vista, and has helped shape UCSB policy toward the community and with respect to issues of student voice and protest.

Becca Wilson– During the 1969-1970 academic year, she served as editor in chief of El Gaucho. (Renamed The Nexus the following year.) El Gaucho frequently published material frankly sympathetic to the student protests; many articles featured powerful photos taken by Joe Melchione. Wilson wrote numerous editorials on the campus protests and larger social movements of the time, and has often reflected on the era in public appearances over the years. After graduating from UCSB, Becca joined an Isla Vista collective that published a short-lived underground newspaper called the Strategic Hamlet. In 1971, she and a group of friends, nearly all former IV activists, founded the Santa Barbara News & Review, an alternative weekly paper which evolved to become the Santa Barbara Independent. In the years since, she’s been a documentary filmmaker, freelance editor and writer, and a communications consultant to unions, activist groups and nonprofit organizations.

Doris Phinney was born in Ventura and has spent her life in Santa Barbara and Goleta, graduating from Santa Barbara High School, receiving an AA degree from Santa Barbara City College and a BA from UCSB, majoring in Political Science. Doris and her then husband, George Bregante, graduated from UCSB in 1965. Upon graduation Doris began a 35 year career as a staff member at UCSB, with the last 12 years as manager in the Political Science Department. George joined the Santa Barbara Sheriff’s Department and was working in IV during the “riots” and the burning of the Bank of America.

Professor Richard Flacks came to UCSB in 1969 to join the sociology faculty. His fields of interest in sociology include student protest and student culture. His book (co-authored with Jack Whalen) Beyond the Barricades: the liberated generation grows up (1988) drew on depth interviews with students, both involved and not involved in the Isla vista rebellion, to depict the events of that time, the aftermath of the protests in the community and in the lives of those who were students then. Text drawn from that book was used by Joe Melchione to frame the photos in exhibits, on line and in print.

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