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Open Loop – UC Berkeley Department of Art Practice 2013 Faculty Exhibition

The Worth Ryder Art Gallery is pleased to invite you to the UC Berkeley Department of Art Practice 2013 Faculty Exhibition.


The Life of the Art Object Before, During, and After the Exhibition

Dates: October 23rd – November 9th, 2013
Opening Reception: Wednesday, October 23rd from 4 – 7 pm

Location: Worth Ryder Art Gallery, 116 Kroeber Hall, UC Berkeley Campus

Gallery Information
Open Hours: Tuesday through Friday, 12 – 5 pm
Free and open to the public


Allan deSouza, Amanda Eicher, Randy Hussong, Stephanie Lie, John McNamara, Indira Martina Morre, Craig Nagasawa, Daniel Nevers, Greg Niemeyer, Rodrigo Ojeda-Beck, Elise Putnam, Brody Reiman, Lordy Rodriguez, Erik Scollon, Katherine Sherwood, and Anne Walsh

Please join us for an opening reception on Wednesday, October 23rd from 4 – 7 pm, including a special event honoring Allan deSouza, the department’s newest professor, and celebrating Brody Reimans’s tenure.

Members of the faculty will be presenting an artist talk about their work on Wednesday, October 30th from 12 – 1 pm in the gallery.

More Information:
The UC Berkeley Department of Art Practice and the Worth Ryder Art Gallery are pleased to present Open Loop, the 2013 Annual Faculty Exhibition. Sixteen artist-educators have opened up their practices to reveal objects in various stages of their existence as art, complicating traditional narratives of how art is created.

The gallery has been divided into three conceptual spaces. In the main space viewers experience recent works by the faculty as they were intended to be viewed in the gallery context, whereas the side spaces have been designated as before and after the gallery. Each participant has been given the freedom to react to this prompt, and the responses reveal not only the wide variety of paths that art objects trace through the world, but the way each artist conceives of his or her artmaking process.

The popular narrative remains that the artwork springs into being in the studio, is presented as finished in the gallery, and then finds its place in art historical eternity. The works in Open Loop both resist and are subsumed in this narrative; they are manifestations of an iterative process, a live feedback loop.

In the before space are raw materials, sketches, and maquettes, as well as finished works as precursors, open questions addressed to viewers, and abandoned projects. In the after space are critical texts, straight documentation, and works that have returned to the studio, as well as disappeared works, documentation that may or may not function as artwork, and objects produced by the artmaking process deemed non-art objects. In this context, all the work in the show is seen as eternally coming into being.

Furthermore, it is impossible to ignore that the objects in the before and after spaces are presented in the gallery context, demonstrating yet again art’s infinitely absorptive potential.

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As part of Open Loop, The Worth Ryder Art Gallery and Professor Greg Niemeyer are pleased to announce the US debut of Polartide, a hearing aid for sea level change. Users can tap into with a smartphone, and trigger sonifications of sea level changes from the islands of Kerguelen in the Southern Indian Ocean, Gan in the Republic of the Maldives, Venice, and Iceland. The sounds can be augmented with sonifications of stock prices of the four largest oil companies.

Polartide is on exhibit at the 2013 Venice Biennale as a part of the Maldives Pavilion, and was created by Greg Niemeyer, Chris Chafe, Perrin Meyer, and Rama Gottfried. Spanning 14 feet, and 8 channels of sound, the installation at UC Berkeley resembles the Venice Biennale version, which was installed outdoors along a canal.

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