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Open Sorcerer Alchemy Workshop Grants-Deadline Nov 15th


Mechatronics for artists? New open source media tools? New ways to create apps? How to work with GIT HUB? Pure Data? C-sound? Mobile computing and positioning? How to create a proper sensor network? Arduino universe? How to turn sand into gold?…and endless other possibilities….

If you know something useful that others do not and want to share it with your peers, this grant is for you!

UCIRA’s Open Sorcerer Initiative provides financial support to the conveners of peer-to-peer workshops geared toward experimentation and practical knowledge distribution in the fields of art and technology, art and engineering and art and science. UCIRA does not prescribe the themes or technologies of the workshops. The workshops should not aim to conform to the demands of regular curriculum or be offered for academic units, but should instead be theme-based and technology-specific. The goal of the workshop proposals should the facilitation of the rapid acquisition and exchange of knowledge and skills among workshop participants and the practical application of that knowledge in and to the creative arts and technology fields.

Deadline: November 15

Eligibility: We support applications from and including staff and students at any stage of their academic career. Faculty are not eligible to apply.

Award Amounts: range up to $2,000.00, dependent on size and scope of workshop.

Application Materials Required Online:

All online application materials should be in PDF format!

  • Basic Contact and Project Info (including fiscal contact)
  • Summary Sheet
  • Host Venue Form
  • Time Frame
  • Budget
  • Short Narrative (2-3 pages max)
  • Bio, Resume or C.V. of Project Director

Submission Guidelines:
Compile all above files into 1-single PDF and title the PDF  “YOUR LAST NAME_YOUR FIRST NAME_OPEN SOURCE APP” and email (make email subject the same as PDF title) to both emails below:

Marko Peljhan:
Dick Hebdige:

If you have questions about this grant, please contact Marko Peljhan:

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