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NanoMacroMega at UC San Diego

Dates: Running Until December 7, Tuesday – Thursday 11am – 5pm
Location: SME Building Gallery, UC San Diego

Curated by Lucía Sanromán in collaboration with Visual Arts faculty and students.

The SME building houses the departments of Structural Engineering, NanoEngineering, Biomedical Devices, and Visual Arts. It provides an unprecedented platform for the integration of science, technology and art with a focus on collaborative research and experimentation.

“NanoMacroMega,” features some of the UC San Diego arts/engineering projects already under development. These include artist Anya Gallaccio’s photographic prints made by using an electron microscope to scan nano and micro particles and Benjamin Bratton’s “Nanoskin” project, an examination of the geopolitical implications of nanoengineer Joseph Wang’s bioelectronics tattoos.

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