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NAMAC INterview with UCIRA Board Member Anne Bray of LA Freewaves

Author: Rachel Allen

Q+A is five questions posed to media arts leaders. Anne Bray is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of Freewaves.

NAMAC: What was your first cinema-going experience like?

Anne Bray: The good experience or the bad experience?

NAMAC: Either one.

AB: One was Bambi and I hid under my chair. The good one was Around the World in Eighty Days and eventually I traveled for six years.

NAMAC: If you could invite anyone to have dinner with you, who would it be and why?

AB: Who it used to be was Gaddafi. Well, I was living in Paris and he was sort of a glamorous maniac and I wanted to know what was the real deal.

NAMAC: What’s the last film/media artwork that you’ve seen?

AB: I just went to see Werner Herzog’s Cave of Forgotten Dreams.

NAMAC: The Freewaves online video archive is such a great resource for experimental film and there are so many filmmakers represented. Can you think of one filmmaker in the archive that we should check out?

AB: What I like about [the archive] is really the variety and I love using the key words. So at the top of the page, there are key words from the last two festivals – words like “nowhere” and “transgender” and “conflict of values” and “denial.” A lot of them are opposites, like “playful” and “serious,” “rooted” and “somewhere,” and “fake” and “real.” Sometimes if you click on one of them, one [film] will come up in both categories.

NAMAC: What is a project that you are working on now that you’re really excited about?

AB: What am I hyper about? I’m hyper about Out The Window. The whole project is interactive with LA bus riders and includes videos. We ask them a question at the end of every video and then all the riders can text us back. It’s so fun, I can’t believe it. We are doing it with three other media arts centers: Echo Park Film CenterPublic Matters, and UCLA REMAP.

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