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Mystery, Art, and Pacific Standard Time

Call it the Traveling Art Spectacular. Call it a Performance Extravaganza. Call it an 11-day, surprise-filled wonder. Call it the Pacific Standard Time Performance and Public Art Festival.


When Pacific Standard Time, the multi-museum, multi-month LA-focused art show opened a few months back, many people wondered how they’d be able to see everything. Exhibits were going up and coming down, each with a special focus on postwar Los Angeles art and ideas. The map was vast and the roster of artists brimming and there are, of course, only so many hours in the day.


But pretty much everyone excited about the buzzy mega art happening put a big, red circle around Jan. 19-29 on their calendars. Those are the dates that Pacific Standard Time spotlights performance artists and changing public art. In short, the on-the-wall show was going to the plazas, courtyards, and streets, for a snazzy, brief, and spectacle-packed run.


While many of the performances intrigue, we’re most looking forward to Hirokazu Kosaka’s “Kalpa” at the Getty Center on Friday, Jan. 20. The artist employs “hundreds of spools of colorful thread” to evoke the mysteries of time and memory and how all of our own threads overlap and stretch. “Kalpa” will unfurl at the museum’s tram arrival plaza at 7 p.m. (“Kalpa,” by the by, is Sanskrit for “eon.”)


But the performances and installations are plentiful. If you’ve been loving Pacific Standard Time, we’re betting you’ll show for a few of them; if you haven’t started your Pacific Standard Time journey quite yet, may we suggest you use this festival to jump in.


Pacific Standard Time Performance and Public Art Festival is on from Thursday, Jan. 19 through Sunday, Jan. 29 at locations around Los Angeles.


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