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MOCA Presents The Public School: The Sea and the Cloud

MOCA Grand Avenue
05/03/2012 7:00 PM


For the second Engagement Party Art Talk, MOCA has invited The Public School to present two discussions about isolation, monitoring and habitability against a backdrop of dissolving social institutions, familial structures, employment, and more. James Merle Thomas will present Tektite Revisited—his research into NASA’s short-lived program—covering aquanauts, anechoic chambers, and the problems of modern living. Benjamin Bratton will speak about the “cloud” and planetary scale computation, with its effects on territory, law, and place. A discussion moderated by Sean Dockray will follow.


James Merle Thomas is a current Guggenheim Fellow at the National Air and Space Museum and Benjamin Bratton is the Director of UC San Diego’s Center for Design and Geopolitics; both have been instructors for The Public School. Sean Dockray is the co-founder of The Pubilc School, Los Angeles.

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