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Michael Trigilio, Tara Knight, Adam Burgasse: Project Planetaria

Michael Trigilio, Tara Knight, Adam Burgasse (UCSD): $5,000.00 for Project Planetaria (Open Classroom Challenge)

This project brings together 12-15 undergraduate students (4-5 form Visual Arts, Physics and Theatre and Dance) to envision a remake of these building-sized representations of the night sky, where the traditional rules of the planetarium are themselves manipulated, questioned, and repositioned; a planetarium without walls or seats; a planetarium the size of a coffee cup or bigger than the Earth; a planetarium without and operator; a planetarium that requires social investment or collaborative creation; a planetarium in which the user must interact with or manipulate what she sees; a planetarium that us3es sound, heat or touch to convey information; a planetarium as a tool for communication.

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