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Michael Moshe Dahan: Suspended Truth

Michael Moshe Dahan (UC Irvine): $2,500 for Suspended Truth. Graduate Arts Grants

Suspended Truth (24fps) examines the assymetrical military apparatus of the State of Israel as a proxy for the USA’s Department of Defense in its attempts to defend itself against rocket attacks from the Gaza Strip. Suspended Truth (24fps) is a 24 channel video installation that uses 24 sequential frames that have been taken from a found internet video of Hamas rockets being destroyed by the Israeli Iron Dome Missile defense system. These 24 sequential still images are then dissolved in a chemical solution – this 10 minute chemical dissolve is captured as an HD video and plays on each individual video screen from a DVD. Therefore, 24 sequential still frames of images of a rocket being destroyed dissolve in 24 individual looped videos. This project will be exhibited in the UC Irvine Room Gallery on the campus of UC Irvine.

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