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Michael Morgan: The People’s Voice/The Odyssey Project

Michael Morgan (UC Santa Barbara): $5,000 for The People’s Voice/The Odyssey Project. Open Classroom

In the summer of 2011, Michael Morgan introduced an experimental course called The People’s Voice. The course partners teens from a detention facility, Los Prietos Boys Camp, with UC students. Together they re-write the Odyssey of Homer using their own life stories. Each member is encouraged to develop their own unique voice supported by a network of university and community contributors including a mask maker, poet, storyteller, martial artist and hip-hop choreographer. The course culminates in a performance at a community theater. The project aligns artistic values with social justice. One aim is to provide teens at risk with a vision of a path that leads to higher education. Moving into the third year the objective is to extend the learning outcomes by developing a more continuous model.

Michael Morgan was featured in Theatre Topics’ March 2014 issue written by Zachary Price.
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