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Metro Art Docent Council Coordinator Request for Proposals

Metro Art is seeking an experienced, energetic Docent Council Coordinator with a passion for the arts and desire to help people learn about Metro’s expanding transit system and its art collection.

Metro commissions artists to incorporate art into a wide array of transportation projects throughout Los Angeles County. Established in 1999, the Docent Council leads art tours for over 4,000 people a year, all free of charge. Docents train with Metro Art staff, visit artists’ studios, and give tours of the transit system, imparting unique insights regarding the history of the artworks, the artists who created them, and the processes that made them a reality.

In recent years, the Docent Council has grown to approximately 20 volunteers who have introduced well over 30,000 people to the art in the Metro Rail system, and the demand continues to rise as word spreads. Over 80% of tour participants are first time transit users. Multiple tours are given each month and the response is overwhelmingly positive. This award winning program is unique in the transportation industry and is the only transit related docent program in the nation.

General responsibilities

* Book tours, coordinate tour dates with docents, keep master calendar of tours, arrange back-up and replacement docents.
* Act as a liaison between Metro Art staff and the docents.
* Provide general support, participate in Docent Council meetings, develop and oversee Ad Hoc Committee(s) as necessary (ex: To review, update and analyze existing policies or procedures; to develop training programs; to develop field trip itineraries; etc.)
* Expand membership, handle docent recruitment, selection, training and evaluation.
* Arrange for docents to receive badges, bathroom DLX keys, safety vests, parking stamps, safety training, and Metro required materials.
* Inform docents of annual touring obligations. Maintain information regarding docent contact info and vacation dates.
* Set calendar dates for Executive Committee Meetings and trainings.
* Propose itineraries for field trips, including visits to artists’ studios.
* Oversee the development of tour scripts for approval by Metro Art staff.
* Work with volunteers to assemble and mail Tour Confirmation Packets.
* Be available to discuss problems, ideas, and suggestions brought by individual docents and/or Metro staff.
* Meet with individuals or agencies outside Metro as appropriate.
* Develop and approve correspondence sent out in the name of the council (after review with Metro Art department).
* Answer correspondence/requests for information regarding tours.
* Update monthly and annual reports and tour statistics.
* Assemble and distribute tour survey responses, press clippings, etc.
* Arrange for purchase of any necessary equipment.
* Coordinate updates to and other information sources.

Qualifications & Selection Criteria

* Arts experience (40%)
* Background as a tour guide and experience with volunteers (40%)
* Availability (20%)


* Up to 20 hours per week.
* Spend approximately 8 hours per week at the Metro Art offices in Downtown Los Angeles.


* Commensurate with experience and qualifications.
* Services are provided as an independent contractor and do not include employee benefits.

Application and Deadline

* Provide letter of interest and current resume with references.
* The most highly qualified candidates may be invited to a personal interview at Metro Headquarters.
* Please submit materials via email only by: 5:00 pm PDT March 30, 2012
* Subject Line: Docent Council Coordinator Services, E-mail address:

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