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Looking for a Painter!

For Southern CA artists


PROJECT: Feature Film. 5 paintings required, plus some sketches. Would also like to feature the artist’s original work in the film, which would be loaned for use during film shoot only (2-3 weeks).

MEDIUM: Open to various mediums like oils, acrylics, inks, watercolors, on canvas, wood, paper etc…

STYLE: Open to various styles. Will require some figurative elements (based off our actors) but we are not wanting anything overly literal or naturalistic. We are interested in finding an artist whose work we love, rather than asking you to paint something outside your style. Seeking a style that is creative and interesting, nothing morbid or dark.

THE PAINTINGS: The concepts of the paintings are very loose, as we are interested in the artist’s input and collaboration. Most of them are positive moments in time involving a character from the film, the action, style, composition etc are all up for discussion.

THE FILM: A terminally ill artist is painting her last series of work before she passes. The film focuses on seeking out joy and positivity in your life, even in death.

Negotiable. A one-time fee for full ownership of paintings and sketches specifically created for project, all other works on LOAN ONLY. Another possibility is for the artist to retain ownership of ALL work, with producers to coordinate an exhibition with the launch of the film at a festival.

COMMENTS: We require an artist with a reasonable amount of accessible work. The artist in the film is in her early thirties and has been painting since she was a teenager, so the amount of work seen at her studio (in the film) must reflect this.

A copy of the script will be available to potential artists. We would love to build a collaborative fun relationship with the chosen artist, and hope to find someone who is keen to bring his or her ideas, aesthetics, and talent to the project.

Must be located in the Los Angeles area.

PROCESS: The process will entail conceptual meetings with director & writer, proof sketches & drawings, and the final paintings & sketches. With a deadline currently set for June 2014.

Please email samples or links of your work. Feel free to email with any questions.

Deadline: 03-31-2014
Brilliant Silence Films
Los Angeles, CA

Contact: Romy

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