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Leonardo Art Science Evening Rendezvous (LASER)

12 September 2011
The University of San Francisco, 6:30pm

University of San Francisco
2130 Fulton Street
San Francisco, CA 94117

LASER is a monthly series of lectures and presentations organized by Piero Scaruffi on behalf of Leonardo/ISAST. LASER is sponsored by School of Visual Arts MFA Computer Art Department, Arizona State University Art Museum, Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology, and School of the Art Institute of Chicago Sound Department.

Admission is free but limited. Please RSVP to


6:30pm-6:45pm: Socializing/networking.

6:45-7:10pm: Alan Cooper and Julianne Stafford (U.S. Geological Survey) on “Cultural Perspectives of Science in Antarctica”

An exploration through narrative, images and live music of the past and the future of Antarctic studies for scientists and artists before and after the Antarctic Treaty.

7:10-7:35pm: Luciano Chessa (San Francisco Conservatory) on “Music the Dead Can Hear: Occult Presences in the Art of Noises”

A critical analysis of Italian futurist painter, composer, and builder of musical instruments Luigi Russolo and his relationship to the occult arts.

7:35-7:50: BREAK

Before or after the break, anyone in the audience currently working within the intersections of art and science will have 30 seconds to share their work. Please present your work as a teaser so that those who are interested can seek you out during social time following the event.

7:50-8:15pm: Leonard Pitt (Minerva Foundation) on “The Art of the Body, The Art of the Pen”

The art of physical theatre through a collection of character masks and how the discipline of moving one’s body can teach one how to become a writer.

8:15pm-8:45pm: Randal Koene (Carboncopies) on “Why and How to Transition from Wet-Ware to Substrate-Independent Minds”

Our minds are run on a machine composed of wet-ware that we describe as the brain. Substrate-independent minds are the route by which we can achieve pattern survival for our species in a competitive universe.

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