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Lawrence Bogad: Possible Pasts: Tahrir Square

• Lawrence Bogad  (UC Davis): $6,600.00 for Possible Pasts: Tahrir Square
This performance will explore the Egyptian revolution through an original performance script and a performance-game hybrid that I call Possible Pasts. Possible Pasts is an experimental hybrid of performance, role-playing game, and historical research which puts audience-participants in the roles of everyday people caught up in high-pressure historical moments. In this iteration, Larry will explore the Egyptian revolution, which he witnessed in February-March of last year. The performers guide the audience through a rigorously researched yet fluid game/ improvisation where they collectively create the story of the survival, exploits, and sufferings of the characters. Possible Pasts provides a dramatic structure that inspires participants to explore and rethink moments in history. The work will be produced in Larry’s own department at UC Davis in spring of 2013, after being produced at the Mattress Factory in September 2012.

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