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Laurel Tentindo: Dance, Music and Puppetry at the Fowler Out Loud Performance Series

Laurel Tentindo (UC Los Angeles): $850 for Dance, Music and Puppetry at the Fowler Out Loud Performance Series, May 17th 2013. February Mini Grants

On May 16th Laurel Tentindo will premiere a movement, puppetry and sound performance installation for the Fowler Out Loud performance series, The evening is free to the public and appropriate for audiences of all ages. This piece begins with the entrance of nine dancers, and as the performers converge their movement vocabulary evolves into a rhythmic ritual of transmogrification. The dance shape-shifts he dances into and out of the floor with animal-like power and grace. Folded into the performers there will be a surprise appearance by two Bunraku puppets, created by Luis Tentindo. A girl and wolf puppet travel over the sculptural landscape of the performers (operated by three puppeteers each). This piece ignites the Fowler’s courtyard and hallways with magical imagery, movement and live sound by Miguel Frasconi, composer improviser, sound artist, glass musician, synthesist, and multi-instrumentalist. Each audience member creates a unique pathway through the migrating performance.

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