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LAUREL BECKMAN: One Minute to Heaven in Santa Barbara

07/05/2012 5:00 pm

07/28/2012 5:00 pm

LAUREL BECKMAN: One Minute to Heaven on view through July 28, 2012
Reception: First Thursday, July 5th, 5-8pm

For her latest exhibition, multi-media artist Laurel Beckman has created an installation
that alludes to transcendent moments both in the everyday and under extraordinary
circumstances. A focal point of the exhibition is a suite of seven new video animations by
the artist. Eschewing traditional narrative, each sixty-second vignette takes as its main
character an animal or fruit that has been levitated in research labs exploring gravity and
resistance. These whimsical characters undergo both comical and harrowing ordeals which
point to ideas such as redemption, perfection, and agency.

The animations are offset by writings submitted by invited participants who describe
personal, sublime experiences found in public spaces. Gallery visitors are encouraged to
include their own writings about such encounters. Digital prints accompany some of the texts,
bridging the written experiences with the video creatures.

Beckman is a Professor of Art at UC Santa Barbara. With video/animation and public-space
projects in Pittsburgh, New York, San Francisco, New Orleans and Los Angeles, Beckman’s
exhibitions include those in Istanbul, Berlin, Belgrade, Austin, TX, San Francisco,
Palestine, New York, and Los Angeles. She received her Master of Fine Arts degree from the
California Institute of the Arts.

Writers who participated in the project include: Dee Hibbert-Jones, Robert Dansby, Alex
Bogdanov, Pat Gomez, Mary Ann Chafin, Samantha Fretwell, Barry Markowitz, Stephanie
Washburn, Annetta Kapon, Katy McCarthy, Christine Lorenz , Erik Sultzer, Susan Lakin, Emily
Halbardier, Kim Beck, Kate Sorensen, Terri Zitnick, Tracey Morris

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