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G. Craig Hobbs & Ian Pye: kwpe/

G. Craig Hobbs & Ian Pye (UCSC /DANM) Graduate Student

Keyword Processing Environment (kwpe/) is an open-source multimedia tagging tool and playback software to be used in live cinema, installation, and net-based collaborative artworks. kwpe/ is being developed by G. Craig Hobbs at the UC Santa Cruz Digital Arts and New Media MFA program in collaboration with UCSC Computer Science PhD candidate Ian Pye.

From kwpe/ website: kwpe/ (keyword processing environment), is an open-source keyword tagging tool providing indexical and temporal tagging of audio and video files. Tagged files can be used in live performance, installations, and net-based artworks.

kwpe/ is optimized for instantaneous access and playback of multimedia content using keywords. Much like a search engine, the system provides the ability to tag, index, store, organize and access keyword data. However, unlike current web-based search engines, kwpe/ accesses files instantaneously (near 0 latency) and is designed for local access to bandwidth-intensive multimedia data. kwpe/ sequences can be used in net-based collaborative performance and remote installation link-ups, however bandwidth-intensive multimedia is always cached locally.

As an open-source tagging system, the function of kwpe/ is to encourage embodied play and experimentation in new media art, and to liberate XML metadata from top-down control hierarchies.

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