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Kellie Lanham: Involuntary Memories, A Graduate Curated Exhibition

Kellie Lanham (UC Irvine): $750 for Involuntary Memories, A Graduate Curated Exhibition. October Mini Grants

ln continuation with the Critical Curatorial Exhibition Series, the UAG presents Involuntary Memories, Memory is involuntary when we unconsciously react to something in everyday life, amalgamating what have been personally lived, and an external cue; this manufactures a memory impression. Showcasing six diverse international artists, this exhibition seeks to examine memory as both an individual and collective production. In considering this topic through and across various means – such as hyper-realistic drawing, large-scale installation, abstract sculpture, narrative photography and film – memory is uncoupled from time-based mediums, and is realized as a human phenomena as highly constructed as it is extremely personal.

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