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Kavli Institute For Theoretical Physics Presents: SciArt 2011

when: 2011-05-10, starts at 5:30pm
where: Kohn Hall, UCSB

Artists in discussion with Peter Frank: ARTS, SCIENCE & ALGORITHMS
Tuesday, May 10, 2011
Kohn Hall, UCSB
RSVP by May 3rd to Kendall at 805-893-6349 oe

About Peter Frank: Peter Frank is Art Critic for the Huffington Post, Associate Editor of Fabrik Magazine, and Adjunct Senior Curator at the Riverside ARt Museum.  He has served as editor or Visions Art Quarterly and THEmagazine Los Angeles and as art critic for LA Weekly and, in his native New York, the Village Voice and the SoHo Weekly News.  He has curated in many North American and European venues, and has published several books and numerous monographs and catalogs.

Exhibition Artists

Alejandro Casazi (UCIRA Collaborator)
UCSB [6]
Four Monotypes (2009-2010)
One Back Lit Drawing (2010)

Jean-Pierre Hébert
KITP Artist-In-Residence [7]
Three y=ryoanji Software Drawings, Pigments on Niyodo/Epson Paper (2011)
Four Just Enough Chance Software Drawings, Pigments on Epson Paper (2008)
Six Camaïeux Software Drawings, Pigments on Niyodo Paper(2010)

Victor Raphael
Los Angeles [8]
Gold Leafed Polaroid Photographies
Six Getty Water Series Images (1988-1996)
Eight Space Fields Series Images (1992-2006)

Birgit Faustmann
Santa Barbara [9]
Three (1996, 2006, 2010), Six Models (2003, 2008)
One Woodprint on Handmade Paper (2008)
Construction Sketches, Photographies

Manfred Mohr
New York [10]
One Pen & Ink Plotter Drawing (1970-1985)
Nine Pigment Ink on Paper (2000-2010)

Kay Wiese
KITP / ENS Paris [11]
Typologies of RNA Structures
Two Works on Paper (2008-2010)
One Image Loop for Computer Display (2008-2010)

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