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Kara Joslyn

Still Life with Parallax


When: Wednesday, March 12, 6:00 – 7:00 pm

Location: Structural and Material’s Engineering (SME) Experimental Drawing Studio 202
9500 Gilman Dr., La Jolla, California 92093SME 202, UC San Diego

On the occasion of the UC San Diego Visual Arts Graduate 2014 Open Studios, the Experimental Drawing Studio (EDS) presents Artist in Residence, Kara Joslyn. A current MFA graduate student, Joslyn will use the space to exhibit works from her current holography project, Still Life with Parallax. This new work is made possible in part with a generous grant from the Russell Foundation and Triple Take Holographics Studio in San Marcos, California.

Kara Joslyn uses holograms to engage with the subject of traditional still life painting as a point of departure. Holography is a technique, which enables three-dimensional images (holograms) to be made. The reflection-process holograms in “Still Life with Parallax” can only be made from illuminating a (real) 3-D object with a laser and are in fact, not “still” images at all – holograms appear to move along with the vantage-point of the viewer in exactly the same way as if the object were still present, thus making the image appear three-dimensional. This project expands the artists’ further research into old and new technologies that interface with drawing and representation in the tension between image making and an object making.

For UC San Diego MFA Open Studios on March 8, 2014, the EDS will present an exhibition of Kara Joslyn’s holograms. The following Wednesday EDS will host a lecture & presentation by Holographers, Joy and Dinesh Padiyar, of Triple Take Holographics Studio from 6-7:30.

The Experimental Drawing Studio provides open space for an intersection of disciplines that engage the practice of drawing in its expansive range of forms. Artists, engineers, architects, writers, designers, animators and media practitioners will have a clean and unencumbered space to specifically explore the role of drawing in their research. The studio will be used for exploratory drawing research and practice. This includes, for example, large scale or collaborative drawing projects, workshops and conferences on drawing, independent, collaborative and mentored projects between faculty and MFA and PhD Practice students and advanced undergraduates for the preparation for an exhibition, the scope of a proposed project, design and lay out of a graphic book, or focused research and teaching for an academic quarter.

The Experimental Drawing Studio is led by Associate Professor Amy Adler, Visual Arts UCSD in collaboration with Visual Arts Studio Area faculty and a committee of Visual Arts graduate students Nichole Speciale, Emily Grenader, Joshua Tonies, Allison Spence, and Kara Joslyn.

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