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JOSELY CARVALHO Exhibition: Diary of Smells: Shards, Nov. 7th, 5-7pm at UC Los Angeles

JOSELY CARVALHO Exhibition: Diary of Smells: Shards

When: November 7th, 2013 5:00-7:00 PM

Location: Art|Sci Gallery, UC Los Angeles
Art|Sci Gallery, CNSI Building (5419), 5th Floor Presentation Space, 570 Westwood Plaza

Exhibition opening and informal gallery talk by the artist.

Diary of Smells is an ongoing multi-sensorial interactive abd interdisciplinary project. The olfactory, a forgotten sense and yet a powerful connector to memory and emotions is a protagonist among other characters such as sound, projection, sculpture, photography, book-art, mostly in the shape of installations.

Diary of Smells: Shards (estilhaços) is a work in progress composed of an installation and an olfactory artist’s book. From the shards of broken wine glasses emerges a memory smell of a forgotten moment. The smells are reconstructed from texts written by several collaborators. Images emerging from the inscribed words instigate the creation of ten numbered fragrances in collaboration with Givaudan do Brasil, a leading fragrance and flavor company. This collaborative and interactive project takes the shape of an olfactory artist’s book and an installation.

The artist’s book shown here at UCLA is a work in progress. It comprises various stages of smell production, photographs and sound design.

About the artist: Josely Carvalho, a Brazilian multi-media artist lives in New York and Rio de Janeiro. Over the past three decades, she has assembled a body of work in a wide range of media that gives eloquent voice to matters of memory, identity and social justice while consistently challenging the boundaries between artist and audience and between politics and art.

Her latest project, Diary of Smells includes olfactory and its connection to emotions and memory in her visual/sound installations. She approaches smell through the construction of original fragrances (i.e. smell of nest), sculpture installations, smell video, photography, artist’s book, residences & smell walks.

She is the recipient of several prestigious grants such as Creative Capital Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation/Bellagio International Center, New York State Council for the Arts, National Endowment for the Arts, New York Foundation for the Arts among others.

She has exhibited extensively internationally in several museums and cultural centers and has works in several public collections. She has received her BA from Washington University, School of Architecture, St. Louis, Mo. & she has taught at the School of Architecture, National University of Mexico & SUNY at Purchase. She was the founder and director of The Silkscreen Project, St. Mark’s Church in-the-Bowery in New York City.

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