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Join us for the 1st annual Playing For Change Day

Hello Musicians and Music Fans!

As someone who makes or listens to music, you know the incredible power it has to connect and inspire.

We invite you to join our 1st annual Playing For Change Day on September 17, 2011 – a global day of action where musicians will perform on stages, in cafes, city squares, and street corners worldwide to raise money to support music in the lives of young people.

You can create an event on that day – OR you can turn a gig you already have into a Playing For Change Day event – by signing up at Your participation can take many forms:

Calling All Musicians and Venues

  • Perform for a live audience of any size and encourage listeners to make a donation
  • Pledge a show, donate a portion of ticket sales, or play a private benefit– we will feature as many artists as possible through the PFCDay website and Facebook page
  • Support another artist’s show by making a donation
  • Offer your venue– a club, restaurant, cafe, business, or residence– to musicians and fans who want to have an event
  • Encourage musicians and fans at your venue to participate in the event by making a donation via our website or SMS/text-to-give (where available, beginning in early September)
  • Send us a link to a YouTube video from one of your live performances
  • Mentor a classroom and provide music instruction at a local school
  • Spread the word by recruiting others to the cause, showing Playing For Change Foundation videos at events, and liking us on Facebook

Calling All Music Fans

  • Make a donation in the name of your favorite PFC Day artist or live show– via our website or through SMS/text-to-give (in the US beginning in early September)
  • Share the music with friends and family. Encourage them to support the cause by sharing PFC Day music and musicians through their social networks
  • Ask a local venue to host or support a Playing For Change Day show
  • Throw a Playing For Change Day party or create your own inspiring event to engage people in the vision
  • Promote music and arts education in your local schools
  • Spread the word by recruiting others to the cause, having conversations about PFC Day and the PFC Foundation, showing PFC Foundation videos at events, and liking us on Facebook
  • Enjoy the experience by coming to the website to view inspiring stories of shows

Playing For Change Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to creating positive social change through music education.

This year’s event carries the theme “Power To The People,” drawing its inspiration from John Lennon’s activism, thanks to the gracious support of Theatre Within and Yoko Ono who believe in our mission and recognize it as one manifestation of John’s vision for the role of music in creating a better world.

Proceeds raised will go to support the work of Playing For Change Foundation and Theatre Within to help build music schools, strengthen music and arts education, support teachers and performances, purchase instruments, and connect young people to promote cross cultural learning and conflict resolution.

You understand the power of music and the ways it can change the human heart and the human experience.  Will you bring your passion and presence to a global day of music? Please visit to learn more and to participate.

Play a Song. Build a School. Change the World.

One Love!
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Deadline: 08-31-2011
Playing For Change Foundation
Los Angeles, CA

Contact: Venedel

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