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Job opening for Curator of Exhibitions at UCR California Museum of Photography

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The Curator of the UCR/California Museum of Photography, working closely and under the supervision of ARTSblock’s Executive Director will initiate, research, budget, produce and supervise the museum’s exhibition program. Curatorial responsibilities include involvement in the selection, conceptualization, management, interpretation and coordination of UCR/CMP exhibition activities from inception through final installation. This position has the responsibility to ensure the artistic and conceptual integrity for all UCR/CMP exhibitions in order to maintain the institution’s leadership and world-wide presence in the field of photography and related media. In all these activities the Curator will work closely with ARTSblock’s Executive Director, the CMP Faculty Advisory Committee, and other curatorial and administrative staff members.

Essential Functions

Curatorial Responsibilities and Curatorial Adminstration

Exhibition Project Development

Working independently but in close coordination with ARTSblock’s Executive Director and with the counsel of the CMP Faculty Advisory Committee and other UCR/CMP staff, the Curator of Exhibitions will initiate and manage the creative, financial, and organizational responsibilities of the museum’s exhibition program including exhibition conceptualization, management, and related communications with lending institutions and exhibiting artists. The Curator of Exhibitions will work with ARTSblock’s key staff that includes staff members from administration, media, collections, and education. In the areas of exhibition conceptualization and organization the Curator of Exhibitions will apply specialized knowledge gained from a background in previous museum or gallery work and from scholarly and academic work in art and art history. Areas of focus will range from changing exhibitions, presentations from the permanent collection, interactive exhibits, and the aesthetics of artistic practice. The Curator will be the primary intellectual proponent of the exhibition program and must be capable of sophisticated writing and public speaking concerning the exhibited work. The Curator of Exhibitions will be capable of forming and nourishing community links to the exhibition program. The Curator of Exhibitions will supervise student interns and community docents in the exhibition program. The Curator of Exhibitions will encourage close curatorial collaboration with and research initiatives by CHASS faculty in related fields including Art and Public History, and with particular attention to the intellectual and academic concerns of the Department of Art History. The Curator of Exhibitions will lead the educational initiatives of the museum. The Curator will carry on correspondence and communication on a high level for both management issues and conceptual exploration. The Curator of Exhibitions will be responsible for the design, management, implementation and production of all aspects of PR and marketing related to the exhibition program. The Curator of Exhibitions will work closely and supportively with exhibiting curators and artists to encourage their projects, manage and coordinate production, travel, and transportation issues, and the creation of textual material needed for the exhibition and grant applications.

Exhibition Installation and Exhibition Marketing

The CMP Curator of Exhibitions will supervise and work with ARTSblock’s preparation staff in CMP exhibition preparation and installation. The Curator of Exhibitions will determine the overall aesthetic for exhibitions and work with the preparation staff in design and implementation. The Curator will carefully schedule and coordinate all preparation and installation with other relevant ARTSblock staff. The Curator will create and produce all wall text and other written materials for exhibition installations as well as for PR, marketing, and publication. The Curator will work closely with ARTSblock’s Digital Media staff to bring all information to the web in a timely manner.

Academic Internships and Exhibition Tours

In conjunction with ARTSblock’s Executive Director and other appropriate staff, Curator of Exhibitions will assist in recruiting, coordinating, and retaining academic and curatorial interns working with the exhibition program and assist in the development of meaningful curatorial internship projects. In conjunction with other appropriate staff, Curator of Exhibitions will supervise the educational programming of the museum and frequently lead tours and related programs.

Collections Research Responsibilities

Working with the Keystone-Mast and other CMP Archives

Numbering more than 350,000 images spanning the years 1892-1963, the Keystone-Mast collection is the largest archive of its kind in the world. In addition CMP holds a major photographic and photographic apparatus archive. The Curator will help enhance the accessibility, visibility and research potential of these archives by regularly scheduling exhibitions drawn from or based on these resources. In this endeavor the Curator will work closely with CMP’s Curator of Collections, CHASS faculty members, and independent curators.

Fundraising and Grant Writing

Exhibition Fundraising and Grant Writing

The CMP Curator of Exhibitions will be the primary CMP grant writer supporting the exhibition program and will write and initiate grant applications to support the exhibition program, and work actively in concert with other museum and ARTSblock staff on development and fundraising.

Public Intellectual and California Community

Public Intellectual

The CMP Curator of Exhibitions will remain current in the field with special attention to contemporary practice through research, studio visits, and attendance of related exhibits, seminars, symposia, and associated activities and will build associations and relationships with others in the field, especially in Southern California. As funds allow, the CMP Curator of Exhibitions will regularly attend regional gallery openings and represent the museum at selected conferences and symposia; present lectures to visiting classes and at other public venues on exhibition issues and museum programs; prepare lectures, panel discussions and other oral or written communication for professional meetings; develop and maintain lines of communications with exhibiting artists or gallery directors and other curators at university and public museums.

Response to the University, Riverside, and Southern California Community
CMP Curator of Exhibitions will be committed to the diverse, polyglot community at the university and in Southern California and be thoroughly acquainted with a range of contemporary practice in photography and new media by younger as well as seasoned Southern California, national and international artists. Curator will establish an exhibition program that acknowledges the diverse demographic, cultural, and linguistic backgrounds of the museum’s audience. It is preferred that Curator of Exhibitions will be able to converse and write fluently in one of the Asian languages strongly reflected in the UCR student body; and/or one of the major Middle Eastern languages such as Arabic, Persian, or Turkish; and/or Spanish. Curator of Exhibitions must understand the museum as a center for experimental studies and inquiry that promotes collaborative work cutting across disciplines, engaging the broadest possible audience, and exploring the intersection of art and culture, rather than a traditional repository of objects and artifacts.

Other duties as assigned

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