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Jess Rowland: Printable Audio Speakers for Sounds Art Installation

Jess Rowland (UC Berkeley): $1,000 for Printable Audio Speakers for Sounds Art Installation. January Mini Grants

This project involves the fabrication of large scale (2′ x 5′) printable audio speakers arrays on copper foil, which constitutes the material aspects of Jess Rowland’s sound installation Masters Thesis exhibit at the Berkeley Art Museum in May 2013. Working prototypes have been made which will be scaled up into dense, flexible, semi-transparent sheets which generate sound from a computer running max/MSP. The speaker arrays consist of copper foil circuitry machine-cut onto acetate, with small, thin, neodymium rare-earth magnets, which generate an unexpected and provocative source of sound in the shape of highly formalized abstract visual designs.

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