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Jennifer Parker: Art and Public Space in the Tenderloin/ Central Market

• Jennifer Parker (UC Santa Cruz): $2,000.00 for Art and Public Space in the Tenderloin/ Central Market

With support from UCIRA, artist Jennifer Parker, of UC Santa Cruz, and the Gray Area Foundation for the Arts (GAFFTA), propose to draw together artists, technology consultants, and community members to research and develop (PAS), an interactive online community website. PAS would help revitalize neighborhoods by creating an open-sourced website to facilitate the matching of spaces and art of all types. Users, including community members, municipal organizations, property owners and community organizations, would be empowered to nominate spaces and create projects in those spaces. A PAS prototype was co-founded by Parker at GAFFTA’s Summer of Smart June 2011 community development and art hackathon, a digital democracy and urban innovation experiment.

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