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Jeff Treviño: Introduction to the Abjad API for Formalized

Jeff Treviño (UCSD): $1820.00 for Introduction to the Abjad API for Formalized (Open Sorcerer Grant)

Abjad workshops is a hands-on eexperience to help introduce composers and programmers to the API. These workshops will tke place at UCB, UCSC, and UCSD. Abjad is a Python API for formalized score control. It helps composers build up complex pieces of music notation in an iterative and incremental way, to create a symbolic representation of all the notes, rests, staves, tuplets, beams and slurs in any score. Because Abjad extends the Python programming language, it affords an iterative creative proces that simplifies deep structural changes to the muscial work. Because Abjad wraps the powerful LilyPond music notation package, Abjad controls both the typographic details of the symbols on the pages, as well as the underlying structural abstractions.

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