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Jamilah Sabur: Sanctum

Jamilah Sabur (UC San Diego): $1,000 for Sanctum. June/July Mini Grants

Sanctum is a 5-hour duration performance set to premiere November 16, 2013 in San Diego, CA. In their forthcoming pieve, collaborators Jamilah Sabur and Jon Forshee will construct an immersive sonic and sculptural environment. Viewers will discover an abstracted salt mine where one live performer enacting multiple tasks with constructed computer based instruments. Sanctum will be a completely novel work since the technology Sabur and Forshee are employing have only been developed within the past year. Sanctum will not be presented on a stage; rather the viewer must engage the space and process the act directly–walking on salt, around mounds of salt and into the voice of the performer disseminated throughout the space.

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