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ITDP Presents Fractalicious! – A Mind-blowing Array of Co-relational Media by Transversal Theater Company

When: Monday-Tuesday, November 5-6, 8:00 p.m.

Where: Lab A, Wright Hall, UC Davis.

Tickets: Free of charge; limited seating.

The UC Davis ITDP (Institute for Exploration in Theatre, Dance and Performance) presents “Fractalicious!,” a performance produced by Bryan Reynolds and Transversal Theater Company which combines various forms of media to make a truly unique, synesthetic result while exploring the question: “How does speed, scale and proximity influence value, desire and feeling?” The show runs Monday-Tuesday, Nov. 5-6 in Lab A, Wright Hall. It is rated R, open to the public with limited seating and free of charge.

“Fractalicious!” blends various forms of media so that they are all mutually integral to the production and post-dramatic in that the work is not text-centered. It is presentational, ironic, sincere and comedic featuring multiple design aspects working together interdependently.

The performance combines five major components: an actor plays a professor’s multiple co-existing sensibilities that cascade in a chaotic unraveling and reorganizing of a stylized, often parodic, lecture; a dancer/actor plays multiple subjectivities and affects competing for the space of the professor for whom she is lover, sadist, and symbiotic; a number of performers who sonically punctuate and amplify the fracturings of consciousness and subjectivity as they break down and renew throughout the performance; a number of videos exhibiting extreme phenomena that comprise, complicate and enhance the landscape; and a DJ who weaves various sonic lifelines, fusing the audience with all performance elements.

“Fractalicious!” does not answer “How does speed, scale, and proximity influence value, desire, and feeling?” in a cognitive way. Instead, the performance intends to inspire the audience to experience the “pure affects.” As the performance culminates exponentially, “fractalactically,” with meaning and subjectivity simultaneously exploding and coming together, the concepts and affects are expressed through the performance event. Presto, boom, shazam: one goes fractalicious!


Bryan Reynolds (Producer, Writer, Costume Designer, Performer), Chancellor’s Professor of Drama at the University of California, Irvine, is the artistic director of Transversal Theater Company, a director of theater, a performer, and a playwright whose plays have been produced in the United States and Europe. He has taught at a number of institutions, including the University of London-Queen Mary, the University of Amsterdam, Utrecht University, the University of Cologne, Goethe University-Frankfurt am Main, Deleuze Camp, and the Grotowski Institute. He is the author of a number of books, most recently “Transversal Subjects: From Montaigne to Deleuze after Derrida.”For a full biography, visit

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