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Irvine Foundation Announces $20.3 Million in Grants

by Philanthropy News Digest


The James Irvine Foundation has announced grants totaling $20.3 million to nonprofit organizations working to promote civic engagement and expand opportunities for the people of California.

Through its arts program, the foundation awarded twenty-two grants, including the first round of grants from the Exploring Engagement Fund, which is part of a new strategy to help nonprofit organizations engage with the state’s diverse populations through active participation in the arts. Twenty grants totaling more than $2 million were awarded through the fund to California-based nonprofit groups that are piloting new ideas to better engage all Californians in the arts.

Nine grants were awarded through the foundation’s California Democracy program, including $5.15 million to Families in Schools, which supports eleven community organizations in their efforts to engage parents in educational policy decision making in the San Joaquin Valley and the Inland Empire.

And the foundation awarded two grants through its youth program, including more than $5.7 million to ConnectEd: The California Center for College and Career in support of an initiative to promote Linked Learning — an approach to high school education that combines rigorous academic instruction with a demanding technical curriculum and field-based learning — in nine districts.

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