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IDEAS Performance: Soldier Thurs, April 17, 5pm at UC San Diego

Date: April 17th, 2014, 5pm-7pm

Location: Calit2 Recombinant Media Lab, Atkinson Hall, UC San Diego

Host: Shahrokh Yadegari, Director, IDEAS

Guest Speaker: Yvette Jackson, Ph.D. Student, Music-Integrative Studies, UCSD
and Ava Porter (pictured), MFA-VisArts student, UCSD

This immersive cinema performance by sound artist Yvette Jackson and visual artist Ava Porter is the third in a series of nine events staged for the 2014 season of the Qualcomm Institute IDEAS series.

“Soldier” is a collaborative duo between Porter and Jackson, who together create immersive cinema that encourages audiences to reexamine their positions within contemporary society. The work is an evolving installation that juxtaposes warfare and popular culture while exploiting the unique attributes of the Calit2 Theater to demonstrate innovative use of the space to new audiences. The dynamic audio reaches back to warrior chants of the past, while simultaneously evoking present popular culture. Video will appear on every wall of the space, creating an immersive environment in which viewers find themselves in the midst of battle immediately upon entry. Visitors will experience different phases of the theater of war. Both artists draw from their own personal cultural identities to communicate their messages to the public. Jackson and Porter aim to push the boundaries of new cinema, while instigating relationships between audio and video to engage audiences in a provocative way.

Ava Porter is a photographer, installation artist, experimental filmmaker and UCSD MFA student in Visual Arts (Class of ’15). She has worked in film for over 10 years. Her art attempts to analyze the overlooked influences and exploited bystanders of Western popular (entertainment, religious, and war) culture, vis-a-vis the history of aggression and theories of embodied cognition. To reinforce her content, she usually presents film and photographic works as large-scale installations, through which viewers must walk and therefore acknowledge their own physicality. Recent examples include Ima and The Vessel, which both investigate the contemporary role of the adult woman in modern society as seen through its traditional, religious precursors.

Yvette Jackson has worked in theatre, radio drama, film, and other media for over 13 years. She earned a BA in Music from Columbia University, an MA in ’13 from UC San Diego, and is pursuing a Ph.D. in Music-Integrative Studies, also at UCSD (expected in 2016). Her current projects bridge her experience in sound design and composition with her academic interests in critical musicology and ethnomusicology. The result is the creation of long-form compositions that draw from history and examine relevant social issues. This was exemplified in two performances in the Conrad Prebys Music Center Concert Hall: Vernaculus I, performed by the Mark Dresser Bass Ensemble in Winter 2012 and Vernaculus II, performed by the Improvisation Ensemble of Anthony Davis during Spring 2012. Both works are sonic expressions of the catastrophic Middle Passage of Africans to the Americas. In 2013, these concepts were expanded with text-sound composition, musique concrete, and electronic techniques and performed-as-tape pieces in a complete blackout in the CPMC Experimental Theater. These were early prototypes of Invisible People (A Radio Opera), and the final UCSD performance integrated video and live trumpet.

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