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Hollywood Wins White House Role

by US News & World Report


The Creative Coalition, Hollywood’s leading group of activist actors, most of whom backed President Obama’s 2008 election, has won a role in helping to influence the administration’s so-called “Champions of Change” program that highlights innovative education and arts efforts.

The group, led by President Tim Daly and CEO Robin Bronk, today plan to met with the administration’s Office of Public engagement and Education Department officials and then host a dinner with Washington officials to discuss the state of arts and arts education and how they can be preserved and promoted in classrooms.

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Daly will be joined by Medium star Patricia Arquette, House star Omar Epps, Minnie Driver, who starred in Good Will Hunting, and young Psych actress Rachael Leigh Cook.

Champions of Change is part of President Obama’s larger “Winning the Future” initiative to “out-innovate, out-educate and out-build the rest of the world.”

According to the Champion’s blog, the program started in April as a way of collecting stories of how regular Americans have applied innovative change to make their business or community better. “Each week, we will invite individuals from many walks of life to the White House to meet with administration officials and share with us what they are doing to build a better tomorrow,” says the page.

The Coalition yesterday said that it has been chose one of the Champions and will discuss it’s ideas with officials today.

Daly, who campaigned for Obama, said, “Hollywood is a creative community filled with passionate ideas and we are excited to work with President Obama’s administration in his efforts to gather helpful viewpoints from all Americans. I hope our delegation of artists can inspire policy makers to make the arts a topic of priority.”

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Bronk added, “Rarely before in the history of our country has change been more important, so we are proud to be recognized as a ‘Champion of Change.’ By sharing our ideas on the arts and arts education with the Obama administration, we can ensure the next generation of Americans have the same opportunities to express their creativity.”

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