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High Desert Test Sites: Blast Site: A Workshop for Conjecture – November 12

Artists Danielle McCullough and Gable Strong will lead a sun-print cyanotype process workshop using 19th century photographic techniques and contemporary materials gathered from the desert floor to produce images of white on a sea of bright blue. Blast Site is a monument to future failures, marking survival in the high desert, invoking both the ancient and the new. The workshop includes a post – apocalyptic narrative hike through Blast Site – through the urban, rural and mythic areas of the high desert–followed by a cyanotype process printing demonstration using sunlight and detritus. Workshop attendees will learn how to create beautiful, blue-print like photographs to commemorate their travels through Blast Site. The workshop demonstration will be followed by a barbecued vegetarian lunch including native vegetation.
Gabie and Danielle have designed and printed an exclusive, hand-made limited-edition artist book and CD soundtrack for workshop attendees. Titled Blast Site: A Field Guide to Excavating Our Future Failures, this book presents high desert field research including essays on the military-industrial complex, indigenous mythology of the region, poetry, survival cooking recipes, maps and ephemera.

Workshop fees include a guided tour through Blast Site, cyanotype process printing demonstration and prints, a copy of the limited-edition artist book, and lunch.


Saturday Nov. 12, 2011

HDTS HQ, Joshua Tree

09:00-09:30 – Workshop Introduction

09:30-10:30 – Guided Tour of Blast Site

11:00-13:00 – Cyanotype Printing Demonstration (Solar Noon @ 11:30 AM)

13:00-14:00 Survival Cooking Demonstration and Lunch


This is an early morning, sun-printing workshop: The cyanotype process requires the use of sunlight to print images on paper. The workshop is set to start at 9:00 a.m. so that workshop attendees can be printing during the strongest hours of sun, for maximum printing efficiency. It is important that workshop attendees arrive to the workshop on time. If guests driving from Los Angeles would like to camp or stay in nearby lodging the Friday night before the workshop, please contact for more information

Registration Fee: The cost is $120 per person for the workshop. The fee includes the cyanotype printing demonstration, lunch, and a limited edition commemorative book handmade by the artists. All proceeds are used to cover supplies, event materials, and a small honorarium for the artists.

Enrollment: Due to the intimate nature of this event the group will be limited to twelve people. Spaces will be filled on a first come first serve basis. The fee is non-refundable; however you can give your reservation to another person if you are not able to make the event. Please sign up by November 7 to complete your reservation.

To enroll, email and make a payment directly through PayPal.

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