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Heterotopia: UCSD MFA Thesis 2012

UCSD University Art Gallery
Opening reception 05/31/2012 5:30 PM


Curated by UC San Diego Art History PhD Students Sascha Crasnow, Emily Elizabeth Goodman, and Elizabeth Miller


The UCSD University Art Gallery and Visual Arts Department are pleased to announce Heterotopia, an exhibition featuring the work of this year’s graduating MFA students. Conceived by Michel Foucault, “heterotopia” describes non-hegemonic conditions of human geography. Heterotopias consist of socially-elaborated counter-sites, or places where the real sites within and between cultures are simultaneously represented, contested, and upended. Consistent with Foucault’s heterotopia, the conditions of a fine arts program are apt to be likewise non-hegemonic and discursive – a space of critical deliberation, evolution, and a plurality of ideas. We have expanded this notion to encompass the various trajectories and coexistent practices of this widely diverse graduating class.

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