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Hermione Spriggs and Curtis Tamm: Rene Malaise: into the eye of the trap

Hermione Spriggs and Curtis Tamm (UC San Diego): $10,000 Visual Arts Practice and Research

Rene Malaise: into the eye of the trap
Hermione Spriggs & Curtis Tamm

This idea of the mind as a trap links things up, casts a jagged, scalloped shoreline around otherwise psychically separated dimensions of fiction and reality. As such, the mind functions as a stage, and in this sense, it is also an island.

This idea of the island as a mind cuts things off, casts a clean, smooth shoreline around an otherwise infinitely fractal set of moving relationships. As such, the island functions as a screen, and in this sense it is also a trap.

This idea of the trap as an island opens things up, casts a relational, extended shoreline around the otherwise rationally cleansed perimeters of the singular object. As such, the trap functions to charge, and in this sense, it is also a theatre.

Malaise v.

1) A young Swede, born to Augusta Söderqvist and French chef Edmond Malaise, with an early interest in gardening, weapons, traps and hunting.
2) Twelve tent-like structures fabricated in Yangon (Rangoon) in 1934.
3) An ethno-geo-botanist-biologist and charismatic story-teller.
4) a state of physical/cognitive disorientation, caused by destabilization of linguistic categorization
5) A respected entomologist employed by the Stockholm Naturhistoriska riksmuseet, known for his discovery of rare species and an unrivaled collection of Hymenoptera Symphyta (commonly known as sawflies).
6) a shelter, of human bodily proportions, produced by material such as terylene netting in various colors.
7) A solitary individual, eccentric by nature with a weakness for strong and androgynes women and inhospitable wilderness.
8) a multitude of large architectural forms modeled with ‘home’ as the highest point, from the perspective of flying insects (particularly Hymenoptera and Diptera).
9) A stubborn academic, resentful of the blind mass-acceptance of conventional scientific axioms.
10) An aging fisherman with far flung scientific theories about the continent of Atlantis.
11) Twelve tent-like structures wrapped in green canvas, and suspended in series in the attic of the Swedish Museum of Natural History.
12) A self-publisher of alternative pre-histories.

binding the human, animal and mineral together, in a momentary tensile form.

Malaise (16mm, high-definition video, multi-channel sound) by Hermione Spriggs & Curtis James Tamm, 2014. A series of cinematic traps, supported by The Swedish Museum of Natural History, and the University of California Institute for Research in the Arts. Contact for screening / exhibition info.

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