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Helen Trejo: Zero Waste Constructed Fashions

• Helen Trejo (UC Davis): $1,035.00 for Zero Waste Constructed Fashions

This project is a zero-waste sustainable fashion collection that will consist of 4-6 outfits for women.  The artist will limit herself to use 1-yard of fabric, or less per garment: for example, ½ yard for one shirt, 1-yard for one jacket, 1-yard for one dress, etc.  Fabrics will include recycled polyester from recycled PET plastic bottles, recycled cotton scraps, pineapple fabric, and biodegradable hemp.  For the recycled polyester fabric, the artist will use AirDye, a heat transfers dyeing process for synthetics that fixes dye to the fabric, uses no water, and does not pollute the air.

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