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Greg Laughlin, Ted Warburton, Karlton Hester: Three Bodies

Greg Laughlin, Ted Warburton, and Karlton Hester (UC Santa Cruz): $5,000 for Three Bodies. Open Classroom Challenge

Three Bodies is a multidisciplinary course designed to develop a deeper understanding of the complex Pythagorean Three Body problem from the perspective of four disciplines. It is part of an ongoing research project to bring the abstract into the physical though science, music, dance and technology. How does seeing an embodied performance of a theoretical concept enhance our understanding of the universe? How can the slightest change in variable result in dramatically different results? How can we apply this understanding to have a meaningful impact on our daily interactions, across many disciplines and communities? The course is practice based with students working closely with faculty members in the Astrophysics, Dance, Music and Digital Arts in New Media Departments to create a performance on the University of California Santa Cruz’s Main Stage Theater on May 24th – 26th and May 30th – June 2nd. Collaborative coursework will provide students with opportunities to express themselves through multiple mediums that promote interdisciplinary though and praxis.

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