The University of California Institute for Research in the Arts supports embedded arts research through critical exchange


Who is eligible to apply to UCIRA?
Applicants must be UC arts faculty, staff or current students. Projects generated by students, staff, and part-time faculty must have a full-time faculty sponsor.

Who is not eligible?
Previous recipients of a UCIRA award are NOT eligible to reapply for at least one year from the date of their most recent award. In addition, the final project report must have been completed and submitted to UCIRA. Applicants may not apply in more than one category or submit more than one proposal in any review cycle.

What kind of projects are eligible for funding?
UCIRA seeks to support adventurous projects with the potential for significant artistic and cultural impact. We are particularly interested in projects that transcend boundaries, that are collaborative in nature, and that benefit two or more UC campuses.

Projects may include, but are not limited to:

  • Exhibition, distribution, and other activities that provide UC students and communities access to a broad and diverse range of art.
  • Touring performances and traveling exhibitions.
  • Research and creative work by individual artists as well as those working in collaboration.
  • Outreach and partnership projects that involve diverse communities and introduce UC Arts to different or new audiences.
  • Innovative uses of new technology to enhance and strengthen public access to the arts.