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Grant Opportunity: Traditional Arts Development Program Contracts from the Alliance for California Traditional Arts

Deadline: 01-01-2012


Recognized for its culturally competent leadership, intellectual capital, and excellence in program administration, ACTA is the California Arts Council’s official partner in serving the state’s folk and traditional arts field. Dedicated to sustaining and fostering the growth of cultural traditions found within the California’s diverse communities, ACTA ensures that its core values of respect, cultural pluralism, and cultural democracy permeate every aspect of its activity and programming.


The Traditional Arts Development Program offers contracts of up to $1,500 to support consultancies, mentorships, and travel opportunities that foster new levels of artistic and/or organizational growth for California-based traditional artists, organizations, and unincorporated community groups.


Requests may be submitted to ACTA at any time. ACTA staff will generally respond to requests within 30 days, to notify applicants of acceptance or decline. If accepted, ACTA will contract directly with the requested mentor or consultant to provide the service requested by the applicant. Fees will be paid directly to the mentor or consultant by ACTA after the service is completed and invoices and reports are received.


Some Examples of Artistic Development Activities:


* Workshops or master classes conducted by a master traditional artist or cultural practitioner (someone outside the applicant group or ensemble)
* Mentoring sessions by a master artist in an effort to expand repertoire of a group or ensemble
* Travel to attend specialized artistic training activities


Some Examples of Organizational Development Activities:


* Development of a marketing plan
* Guidance in launching an organization
* Representatives of a newly formed organization visiting a more established “model” that shares a similar mission


Contact: Lily Kharrazi
Phone: 415-346-5200
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