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GRANT OPPORTUNITY: ARC (Artists’ Resource for Completion) for LA Artists

Center for Cultural Innovation


The ARC (Artists’ Resource for Completion) grants program provides rapid, short term assistance to individual artists in Los Angeles County who wish to enhance work for a specific, imminent opportunity that may significantly benefit their careers. Artists in any discipline are eligible to apply. The applicant must already have secured an invitation from an established arts organization to present the proposed work. The work must be scheduled for presentation within six months of the application deadline.


The goal of the ARC program: to enhance the careers of Los Angeles artists by enabling them to take the best advantage of imminent opportunities to present their work, thereby fostering a climate of optimism in the Los Angeles arts community.


Contact: Katy Hilton
Phone: (800) 418-1671
Grant link:
Deadline: 01-31-2012

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