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GRANT OPPORTUNITY: Annual Call for Proposals from Artists and Writers from Triple Canopy

Triple Canopy
Deadline: 02-13-2012


Triple Canopy is pleased to announce its third annual call for proposals. Commissions will be considered under six project areas and published in the course of the next year. Artistic, editorial, and technical staff will work closely with contributors as they develop the best approach to realizing their projects on the Web, from the conceptual phase to the design and technological production. Recipients receive:


* Three to six months of artistic, editorial, and technical support
* Honorarium of up to $300 as well as material costs
* Opportunity to present the project to an audience in the form of a reading, workshop, or discussion
* Opportunity for inclusion in our annual print publication, Invalid Format: An Anthology of Triple Canopy, as well as our ongoing broadsheet series
* Archiving and long-term maintenance of the final project by technical staff


Triple Canopy welcomes artist projects that treat the Internet as a medium and seek to develop ideas that engage withuse —but reach beyonduse —its specific qualities and attendant modes of readership and viewership; artful reporting, intelligible philosophizing, distinctive fictionalizing and the like. Because of Triple Canopy’s unique interface we encourage writers not to be bound by the standard styles of magazine, art, and academic writing.


Applications are due by midnight on Monday, February 13, 2012. Applicants will be notified by March 1 whether their proposals have reached the second round of review. Commission recipients will be announced on April 3. Projects will be developed in collaboration with Triple Canopy for publication in the online magazine (or live presentation in New York) between July 1, 2012 and June 30, 2013.


For more information and to submit a proposal, please view our submission guidelines.

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